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Essence PR News: Meet the Team

Nell Almond is an account executive and works across our hair, beauty, food and drink brands:

What attracted you to pursuing a career in PR and particularly in the hair and beauty industry?
I’m fascinated by how our outward appearance is directly connected to our health and all-round happiness, and I think that using the right hair and beauty products and creating time for beauty regimes is the final step in looking after ourselves wholly. PR is a great fit for me because I’m both creative and analytical in equal measures, and I also enjoy the challenge of coming up with new strategies to communicate wonderful products.

What is your must-have beauty essential?
The greatest beauty looks start with healthy, beautiful skin, so I’d say a radiance-boosting serum such as skinChemists’ Rose Quartz Brightening & Lifting Serum which is packed with brightening Vitamin C. I’ve also fallen in love with Christophe Robin hair care because it celebrates natural hair…the Volumizing Hair Mist with Rose Water leaves hair smelling amazing.

What restaurant would you love to visit if money was no object?
Japanese-inspired n/naka in Los Angeles which is run by chef Niki Nakayama. She now chooses to work in a closed kitchen as too many diners have judged her cuisine on the fact she’s a woman, but her food looks incredible and she even creates personalised dishes for her regular customers.

What’s your favourite tipple?
It depends on the place and people! I come from Herefordshire which means cider practically runs through my veins, but I also enjoy Gin & Tonic with Angostura bitters (a trick my Dad taught me!).

What is your greatest strength?
I easily accommodate different personality types, rarely get flustered and have a strong sense of self.

Which of the following social networks do you spend most of your time on: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest?
Definitely Instagram as it’s so visually appealing and I use it for both work and play. Twitter’s great for keeping tabs on industry influencers and emerging trends.

When you’re not in the office, where can you be found?
I spend lots of time in my local neighbourhoods Clapton and Victoria Park, but will also brace myself for the crowds once a week and make a trip into central London to see an exhibition. I try and travel by foot whenever possible as it’s good for the mind, and it also helps to expose you to all the little things that make places so interesting.

If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?
Being a dermatologist and helping people resolve their skin issues would be incredibly fulfilling. People’s skin is very much tied to their overall wellbeing, so when it misbehaves it can be really damaging to their confidence. Being able to recommend the right products and lifestyle plans would be a rewarding challenge, and not worlds apart from what I do now.