Essence PR: Pieroth Wine Tasting

Having been very busy lately, the Essence PR team decided to un-wine-d and enjoy a fun, insightful and tasty evening of wine tasting, courtesy of Pieroth Limited. Once it hit wine o’clock, we were graced by the presence of our wine consultant, Phil, who guided us through the experience which we
appreciated ‘grapely’.

Starting with the white wines, Phil kindly explained the origins of each grape, what food compliments which wine, and the process in which the wine is created. ‘Working’ our way from sweet to dry white wines, each wine was explained perfectly, avoiding jargon and making the process fun and easy to absorb. As we continued to drink in knowledge, we were impressed by how much we noticed about the
tastes and textures of the wine, once recognised we were able to distinguish our favourite wines by the grape they used to create it.

Continuing with the reds, we were then able to study the wine legs, something some of us had never been aware of. Once taught, we were excited to study each glass and understand the meanings behind them, noting that sweeter wines flow slower down the side of the glass.

We listened intently to the advice of Phil with regards to how to store wine, how to serve it at parties and all the fantastic anecdotes he had to share about the journey of each bottle. As a team we have gone from fervent wine lovers to wine aficionados and look forward to sharing all that we have learnt and putting our new found educated palettes to the test.

We would implore anyone to experience wine tasting, from amateurs to professionals, this experience really can appeal to anyone. To book a wine tasting experience, simply pay a visit to the family run Pieroth website