Christophe Collage
Hair PR: Essence PR launches Christophe Robin Hair Finish Lotions


Essence PR hosted on behalf of Christophe Robin, the UK press launch for his new luxury Hair Finish Lotions as well as an introduction of the Parisian colourist himself to the UK media. Created using botanical vinegars with components specially selected for their beneficial effects on the hair and skin, the range comprises: Regenerating Hair Finish Lotion with pure hibiscus vinegar for sensitive hair; Purifying Hair Finish Lotion with pure vinegar of Mediterranean herbs for greasy hair; and Brightening Hair Finish Lotion with pure fruit vinegar and camomile extracts to resistance and shine to lighter hair. The formula features a selection of botanical vinegars rich in amino acids, vitamins and antioxidants, obtained through the maceration of flowers, aromatics and fruits. These leave-in lotions are ready to use and can be applied after a shampoo or conditioner, as a final touch from the scalp to the tips.


The event was the ideal opportunity to introduce leading women’s beauty editors and bloggers to the newest hair care products from the esteemed colourist. Attended by leading consumer, trade and online press plus store retailers, the exclusive event proved to be the perfect platform to launch the Christophe Robin hair care collection as well introduce Christophe Robin himself to the UK press.


Stepping into the intimate St James Room at the Claridges Hotel, guests were presented with a minimalistic, yet eye catching display of the three new Hair Finish Lotions as well an array of Christophe Robin hair products that were laid out alongside stunning floral bouquets that highlighted the key colours of his new range. An elegant styling station was also set up at the back of the room with two settings for each of Christophe’s talented stylists to work their magic on the guests.  The food and beverages complemented the key ingredients and French theme of the day.  Once guests had arrived, they were seated with Christophe for an intimate one-on-one chat and introduction to the range and new products. They were also offered styling sessions whereby one of Christophe’s talented stylists used one of three of the new Hair Finish Lotions to dry style or blow-dry the hair.

Essence PR received an incredible reception to the hair collection with beauty and grooming writers immediately falling in love with Christophe and his latest creations. Many attendees were already admirers of Christophe and were thrilled finally getting to meet the man behind the range and confirmed editorial has included the likes of Tatler, Instyle, Glamour to name but a very, very few.