Liam Hodges AW18
Hair PR: AW18 shows see Fudge Professional cement status as Fashion Week hair hero

Fudge Professional leads hair teams backstage at Liam Hodges, Christopher Raeburn and Alistair James AW18 shows.

Fashion Week heavyweights Fudge Professional have been a mainstay at these sartorial showdowns since the hair industry can remember. As well as nurturing and mentoring emerging fashion designers, the brand is keen to remain at the forefront of backstage styling, recognising the session stylist community that make up a large portion of their audience by keeping them up-to-date with tips and inspiration from the fashion front line.


Alistair James
This show saw Johnnie Biles at Frank Agency lead the hair team in creating a plethora of subversive looks for the English design duos latest presentation. We caught up with Johnnie backstage, where he explained his references for the hair looks, which included cults, tribes, witches and early 80s punks. The 80s was a decade that saw sexual and cultural revolutions, and the birth of cultural brethren which extended far beyond traditional platonic families. For this show, Johnnie embraced Fudge Professional product formats most assimilated with the 80s, with a focus on mousses, gels and hairsprays. Essence PR were responsible for capturing photo and video content from the show, along with hair styling ‘how tos’, which they posted for their client Fudge Professional on the brand’s official social platforms throughout the day.

Liam Hodges
This show saw lead stylist Tina Outen pay homage to kids 90s TV shows with Mr Blobby, SMTV, cult film Beetlejuice, and Talking Head’s lead singer, David Byrne being the inspiration for the show. It was fun and childish with slime tank hair and big oversized clothes to keep with the theme. Essence PR invited the press backstage to learn how Tina ‘got the look’ for inclusion in fashion week features.

Christopher Raeburn
Immerse, drench, saturate, soak. These were the words used to describe the feeling of Christopher Raeburn’s latest collection, which drew inspiration from the beauty and fragility of our oceans. A deep dive into the big blue, the collection stands as a creative call to arms and focuses on responsible design and sourcing to protect both the planet and the wearer. Hair, led by Tina Outen, resembled that of a scuba diver just out of water, with functional ponytails having seen better days; baby hair and fly-aways straggling over the models’ faces. Essence PR invited the press backstage to learn how Tina ‘got the look’ for inclusion in fashion week features.

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