Hair PR: FUDGE Professional partners with designers for London Collections Men SS17


This season, FUDGE was proud to be working with session stylists Tina Outen and Matt Mulhall (Streeters), two of the most respected experts in Europe and both regulars on the men’s fashion runway circuit. FUDGE opened the season with TOPMAN followed by Belstaff, Sibling and Katie Eary, and Essence PR were on-hand to ensure everything ran smoothly.


All four shows were perfectly evocative of the FUDGE brand with designers focusing on curls, colour and raw, gritty edge. The shows provided a great platform for FUDGE to showcase their new product launches for the year ahead. Essence PR were excited for the Hair Trade press to receive a sneak preview of the new products in action, as well as a glimpse of the hair trends for the year ahead.


The hair at TOPMAN was designed to give the look of a boy who’s slept in the sun all day having partied all night. The finished look was freshly showered and ‘laddish’, with the aim of looking self-styled – the perfect complement to the nostalgic 80s mod-style, teddy boy clothing.

Leather biker brand Belstaff saw hair inspired by Bruce Brown’s seminal 1971 motorcycle film On Any Sunday with hair left flat to the head with a greasy texture and slight kink to create the effect of windswept helmet hair.

The look at Sibling was ‘Roman god meets beach boy’ with plenty of curls to complement the Miami Beach vibe, complete with intarsia palm shorts, striped pyjama suits and ‘deck chair denim’.

Finally, the sea-inspired Katie Eary show was a celebration of slippery textures and a splash of oil slick colour. The style influencers? Boys resembled Begbie from Trainspotting (only sexier and with a barracuda twist!) whilst girls’ hair was a nod to a 90s Kate Moss – straight heavy hair slicked back with a high shine finish.

Essence PR was responsible for inviting and entertaining the hair trade press both backstage and during the shows and arranged interview time with session stylists Matt Mulhall and Tina Outen so press could get the scoop on how the looks were achieved and which FUDGE products were used. Essence PR encouraged press to share the looks on social media as soon as models hit the runway, and afterwards sent the official trend reports and images to press, securing coverage on the designer partnerships in upcoming print and online features.