Hair PR: Photographic Production

What: Our Hair PR client, JOICO, developed a new educational programme, Salon I-Deas.  Essence PR was required to assist in the production of the photographic shoot that would become the focus of the new programme.  The shoot took place over 5 days both in a studio and location.  Essence PR was involved in both the Salon I-Deas and Salon I-Deas II shoot production.

How:  Working to a set budget, Essence was involved in coordinating the casting for the models, negotiating usage rights, booking photographer, makeup, stylist, film team, studio and location.  We were responsible for internal and external communications and creating the final production document, whilst also attending the five day shoot to help coordinate and support the production for a smooth result.

Result:  We were able to bring the photographic shoot within budget and then proactively PR the concept and photographic assets into the UK media to ensure a strong Hair PR campaign around the international launch Salon I-Deas educational programme.