New Hair Client: Hair Rehab London

We’re very excited to announce that Essence PR has been appointed to handle the PR for hair extensions company, Hair Rehab London.

Established in 2008 by business entrepreneur and television personality, Lauren Pope, Hair Rehab London has gained a loyal following to its high quality, affordable hair extensions. As the creator and face of Hair Rehab London, Lauren is heavily involved with the creation process ensuring that any hair extensions and hair pieces used by Hair Rehab London are 100% ethical. The brands hair extensions are the affordable and achievable option for longer and fuller hair, giving you the option to style or dye your hair as desired. The brand has used a completely unique design making the process far more comfortable, easy and effortless whilst giving you a completely natural look within minutes. With a range of extensions from the latest in-salon application Salon Professional range to lightweight and easy to attach, virtually undetectable clip in extensions and hair pieces that can be put in and taken out in minutes. Thin hair becomes thick and full, short hair transforms to long, luxurious locks.